Pioneers in waste management



There is no doubt waste management in a country is essential, but we like those companies that go one step ahead. IGF manages waste for many Icelandic municipalities, including households and industrial waste from several companies. They are working with other countries to export some waste that is reutilized for energy sources like heating. The company also offers advice and education in the field for people interested in the subject.

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Okkar hlutverk

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A website in need of a transformation

When a brand starts thinking about how to make it easier for the user to get to know the brand and interact with it, everything falls into place. IGF wanted a new website where the user would find information quickly, start a conversation, and order a release in the fastest way possible. We kept it simple with the use of the brand’s colors, bold titles, and the use of all images that would allow the user to know more about the services and what the brand does.

The website also includes an e-commerce section. Here, the users can purchase products related to waste management such as barrels, classification stickers, bags, sorting containers, and more. You will see other sections of the website like the blog, a vital part for IGF, as they consider their educational articles very valuable for the community.