Support for survivors of sexual violence


The challenge

Stígamót is a support and counseling center for survivors of sexual violence based in Reykjavik. Their purpose is to offer an efficient and informed service to those who seek out help.

A website redesign was vital for customers to be connected 24/7 with Stígamót experiencing an easy and faster access to the information. We had two important challenges here: finding the best structure to compress lengthy content and making it user friendly for a quick reach out. After launching the new website, Stígamót experienced a significant increase in contact through the website.

Being able to support such an important cause and working with Stígamót was a pleasure for our team.

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Okkar hlutverk


The solution

Having a 24/7 connection and a better user experience, led more customers to contact Stígamót. Reaching out in a situation like this required a digital presence with accessible information and visually engaging content. We gave the brand a fresh look with the use of graphics, and using different shades of their main color palette.

  • More options to contact 24/7
  • More accessible navigation
  • Information for everybody
  • Visually engaging statistics

Reaching for help at all times from any device

Reaching for help doesn’t have a time. Users need to be able to access Stígamót whenever, wherever. The responsiveness in this website was very clear.

  • Reachable contact buttons
  • Visual statistics
  • Keywords usage to find content
  • Engaging graphics