A wholesaler serving large scale businesses


Ekran is one of the biggest wholesalers in Iceland that supports and promotes its client’s supply chain by making the distribution simpler and faster. As Nathan & Olsen, also our client, Ekran makes part of the company 1912. The company has establishments in both Reykjavík and up north in Akureyri, ensuring quality and variety around the country.

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The outcome

This time we had the opportunity to create Ekran’s online business website. Along with the creation of 1912 and Nathan & Olsen’s new sites, with Ekran, we followed the brand’s guidelines making orange the primary color and maintaining a clean design. The main feature of the website is the accessibility to an online store with different products from Ekran’s portfolio available for purchase. You will also find the specials of the month with a selection of products with discounts, or a specific group of products for particular occasions. We are very proud of the outcome, a great user-friendly website for everyone to browse and use. Maybe it’s just better if you see it for yourself!