All about us at Avista

Avista is a design and development agency based in Reykjavík, Iceland, with a development office in San Francisco, US and now, from the sunny city of Barcelona, Spain. Over the last few years, we have gained a reputation for building quality products with established companies and great start-ups.

Our goal is to build long-lasting and meaningful relationships between our client’s brands and their audience through smart thinking and appealing design. Our team and our culture are fuelled by passion, for what we do, for our clients, and for the people, we work alongside. We get our energy and motivation from working on inspiring projects, big or small, we are truly interested if the story fits our aspiration.

Reykjavík city center

Reykjavík, Iceland

Our headquarters are located in Reykjavík, at Sóltún 24. Reykjavík is where it all started and where most of our projects come from. At Avista, Reykjavík office we have two coffee machines, two meeting spaces, one for formal meetings, the other for less formal. The actual office space is an open space, and we have two balconies perfect for those days when the sun shows up.

Barcelona city view

Barcelona, Spain

Avista presence in Barcelona began in September 2017. Whether are the sun and the food that brought Avista here or the exciting projects, we will never know. Either way, we love it here, and we look forward to building more relationships in Spain. If you happen to pass by, we are located in Poble Sec district, right next to the famous Carrer de Blai, the tapas street.

San Francisco city view

San Francisco, USA

Our USA journey began in 2012, since then we have had some fun projects in San Francisco. Our working relationship with agencies in the states has been really enjoyable. We love the different cultures of each country, although the passion is the same here and there though. Who knows? Maybe Avista will design a billboard on Times Square one day.

We think globally!

We work with clients all around the world and across time-zones

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Reykjavik Iceland view map

Barcelona Spain view map

San Francisco USA view map