Our process

We help our clients realize ideas from the first sketch, to launch day and beyond. It’s in this process where we create innovative products for the web. A process where strategy, design and development are key.
We host crucial discovery sessions to fully immerse ourselves within your business, goals & target audience.

When we take on a project we like to do things thoroughly, this means we follow a set of tasks and processes. Through exploration & testing, we review data from real people to make decisions during a project. Post-launch, we work closely with our clients, making informed refinements to provide the best possible user experience.
  1. Planning & Analysis

    • Understang the clients needs
    • Gather information
    • Document gathered information
  2. Wireframes and design

    • Creative planning
    • Web design
  3. Functionalities and features

    • Develop design framework
    • Implement website features
  4. Testing and bug fixing

    • Test website functionality
    • Review and fix all bugs
  5. Final delivery of project

    • Migration to live site
    • Working site