Web development is where the fun things happen, well at least for us. The development stage is where we code and style the project. This stage is pretty much us making the design come to life and deliver a fully functional product.

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Developing a website means putting the design into HTML script for web browsers to interpret. The design gives us a visualization off the website and HTML code gives the browser that visualization. HTML code is the structure of the website: a raw outlook of the project. The CSS is then added to put some flavour on the website. It determines the colors, font styles and other stylish elements of the website, taken from the design.

Integrations and Special Functions

Now we are almost done! The final stage of coding is the specificity and special functions needed to make the website fully functional. We might also need to integrate systems such as e-commerce, booking options or other special functions you might need.

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When we develop a website we make sure that all coding is connected to the CMS (Content Management System). The CMS will offer a variety of elements for the user to give each page that extra edge. It provides you with a user-friendly platform do add text, images, and use the elements to your preferences and taste.

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