Avista Digital
Avista Digital
Nov 17, 2021

Do you know Smart Crawl Pro?

Smart Crawl Pro is one of the many tools that Avista Care offers. Smart Crawl Pro is a search engine optimization tool, which ensures that your site is set up correctly and ready to receive Google search engine and subsequently more visits. If you want to work on increasing the traffic to your website, SmartCrawl is a great and smooth tool to accomplish this.

 Smart Crawl Features

SEO scanning
Smart Crawl Pro scans the web regularly and gives it a rating of 0-100 in terms of SEO. The tool presents what can be improved and how it can be fixed.

Titles and meta-description
These control how titles and meta-descriptions appear on search engines. Put what matters directly in front of search engine users using keywords that describe your business, your location, what you do. Think like if you were the one searching “What would I write in the search box?”.

You can automatically redirect your traffic from one URL to another within your site. Using this tool will help you when changing to a new website, or if you wish to redirect your customers to keep traffic flowing to a new page.

And what we love about SmartCrawl is that is very user friendly.