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Avista Digital
Oct 8, 2021

What is caching and how to fix it?

You just made some changes to your website, and you are going crazy because you can’t see them live, right? This has a name: cache.

Some elements on your website are “stored” on your browser every time you go to a specific site. The browser saves these, so it doesn’t have to re-download each item repeatedly. Everything is stored on your computer. So, this place of storage is called the cache. It saves images, code, and other files avoiding downloading them thousands of times and making your browser less slow.
It might happen that you have made some changes to your website, and you can’t see them. You refresh and refresh, and nothing happens. Here the solution is clearing the cache.

Why is this? Simple answer. Sometimes there is a difference between the version of a website stored on your computer and the version that you are loading from the web. Reasons such as using public Wi-Fi can affect this, or a reason for conflict with the backend.

Don’t get confused with the cookies and the cache! They are related, but they are not the same.

Cache – This is storage directly related to the website you are visiting (fonts, images…). Everyone that visits this website will have the same.

Cookies – The cookies store information about you and your path online. It keeps track of what you are doing, where you are logged in, and more. So, you will see when you erase all cookies; you will be asked to log in to every account when you access that website again.

So, when you are having trouble accessing a website and not seeing the changes, go to your browser and clear the cache.