About the project

An online store of high-quality prints and posters united to support artists worldwide.

Client Sector: Posters & Prints

No matter where you are in the world, you will be able to buy posters with Our client’s idea was to build an online platform for selling prints and posters worldwide and also to support artists inviting them to sell their artwork on the website.

We started by creating a simple and bold logo, using black and white colors. Continuing with the website, we wanted it to be simple and easy to use — the customer experience on the site needed to be as smooth as possible. Not creating any confusion when looking for a product and purchasing it. The focus was to make the posters and prints pop-out by their design, and not let any other visual elements be on their way. The platform connects the orders with the actual printing companies worldwide when someone purchases a product.

Postermarket serves as a platform for artists to sell their artwork without any cost and hassle-free of the boring stuff. Artists can apply by filling out a form and sending the work they want to sell. The website also includes a blog section for trends and more news and allows customers to subscribe for a monthly newsletter. Check out the website and the fantastic poster designs of artists around the world.

Scope of work


  • Branding Strategy


  • Visual Identity and Assets
  • Brand Guidelines


  • Messaging, Voice, and Tone
  • Content Strategy and Production


  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Payment Solutions