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Web design is a crucial phase in the project lifespan. It all starts with the design, here we bring the idea to life. During the design process, we rely heavily on communication with our clients; we want to make sure that your vision and goals are first interpreted into the design, and later into the development. The design stage is essential. Here we all get on the same page in regards to what the primary purpose is, functionality and how the look and feel of the project are supposed to be.


There is no need to have a clear idea in mind, even an idea at all. We have a lot of experience when it comes to designing and developing digital products, and we are sure we can help you with every aspect you need. We will bounce around ideas, make adjustments, change entirely or just minor tweaks. In the end, we will feel the enjoyment of the overall idea of what we are starting to produce.


Now the design process begins. From the first sketch to the final product, you are on board. It is important for us that you are involved in the process, making sure that the design reflects the brand vision and the heart of the business.

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Why a design process is important?

In the design process, the full scope of the project comes to life.  All relevant functionalities and usabilities are presented and confirmed. We all understand the project and the expectations around it. The design process acts as a final say before we start building and see the results.

Let's work together!

We don’t get any pleasure from being just a name behind an email. We clean our coffee machine weekly and usually have some refreshments in the fridge, so our doors are always open. We have from day one provided hands-on service and we don’t plan on changing that.

However, it might be best to start with an email! Send us one and we will prepare the coffee.

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