Um verkefnið

The East of Iceland all in one place.

Client Sector: Government

A region like the East of Iceland requires specific management behind it. A great team hides behind the curtains, and it’s composed of all the municipalities located in this region. This time we had the opportunity to build a very robust website that would answer specifically their need for all on one website. Its job is to act as a platform accessible for all people of the East to find city management related services.

It was crucial to make information from each department or service easy to find. With so much content to distribute, we created different categories that would answer to several targets. Call to actions as contacting people directly related to the department are part of every page. As for the design, the blue color of the brand is used for headlines and content. While for details we used an orange color.

While browsing you will find special features that connect to third-parties. Available courses are connected through an education platform that allows you to purchase and start a course. People are able to find content about visiting the East of Iceland, education, local projects, research, entertainment, and more.

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Scope of work


  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development