Which WordPress theme is better for your web: Custom or Multipurpose?

Today it is vital to be present in the digital world. Understanding all the advantages businesses and people have to develop more and more are undeniable. The internet is the brand’s showcase to the world for new clients and business connections. And with a world growing at such a fast pace, people need to be time-efficient when creating a website, but also very strategic to assure the growth of the business.

You might have heard of WordPress; a CMS (Content Management System) built to manage the creation and modification of any digital content. In other words, it is a web application that helps you create a website with text, images, videos, and audio elements. So, let’s say you are thinking about changing your old site or creating one for your new coffeehouse. The first thing after choosing WordPress is to decide if you want a website designed from scratch or if you will use a multipurpose theme. Here we will show you the differences between both, and you can see which one adjusts more to your needs.

A Tailor-made theme

Designed and developed from zero based on the customer needs

If you have decided to create a website for your business, congratulations, and welcome to the digital world! A tailor-made website will benefit you a lot, mainly because it will make you unique and will give you more freedom.

Uniqueness – With this option, you will build a unique tailored-made website for your business that answers all your needs and desires. When you think about a new business you create a concept behind it; what do I want my brand to provoke on other people, how do I want them to feel or think with my brand. We need this concept to be represented in the design of the website.

Flexibility – Creating and building a website from scratch gives you more freedom to choose design elements such as colors, fonts, layouts, and sections. In terms of web development, it is recommended for websites that require a much more complex manage or for ones that will include different functionalities that might demand more attention.

We highly recommend this one for our clients. It takes more time, and the process will be longer, but in the end, it will be worth it. With so many businesses in the world, you should always find a way to stand out from the rest, and this is one small portion of that.

Using a Multipurpose Theme

WordPress provides a large number of templates with a specific design and layout creating a visual concept for your website. You can choose whichever option you like the best for your business, and then it’s just about to fill in with your content.

Using a theme has its pros like it is budget-friendly. This is since the coding as already been done before. You will also spend less time in the process. But when choosing a multipurpose template to create your website, you need to have the following in mind.

Imagine you have a suitcase packed with clothes for summer and winter, and you go on a holiday to Italy in July. The suitcase is really heavy, and every time you move between cities, you curse the bag because half of the clothes there are useless for the summer weather. Well, this happens a lot with WordPress multipurpose themes. When you decide to use one, all the elements in it are going to be on your website making it more substantial. This is not critical, but in the long-run, it would have been better to start with the tailor-made option. The content and the design elements will change the look and feel of the website depending on how they are being managed.

So, which one is the best option? As we said before, it all depends on what you are looking for, what is your strategy, time and budget. You can always come to us and ask us. We will have a nice conversation and suggest a more suitable option for you.

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