About the project

The creation of Human AI, a combination of the best of human and artificial intelligence, helps banks deal with the threat of money laundering.


Client Sector: AI & Financial Services

Money laundering has been a threat to financial entities for years. And what could be better now than using the revolutionary creation of artificial intelligence to face this problem? Lucinity is an AML software company in New York and Reykjavik. They use advanced AI systems to help banks identify money laundering and their customer’s backgrounds.

The brief was to create a modern website that reflected what the customer’s experience is with Lucinity. It had to be bold and interactive. In this project, we were in charge of front-end and back-end development. We brought the website to life, while our partners from Peel were the creative minds behind the design.

We used a combination of different elements focusing on strong headlines, using a pastel version of the brand’s colors, and animations for the reader to understand better Lucinity’s know-how. The process is explained in such a visual way that it helps to make it more attractive and catchy.

Working closely with our friends from Peel and Lucinity was a very gratifying experience, and we succeeded in creating a website to make money good!

Scope of work


  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development