Lifðu Betur

About the project


Giving people the chance to live better. 

Client Sector: Online Counseling and Psychotherapy

Taking the first step is not easy, especially if it requires accepting a condition or situation that challenges us and our life. Lifðu Betur wanted a website focused on the user and their well-being. So, they came to us.

People go to Lifðu Betur seeking counseling, and being able to get this guidance online required a friendly website for everyone. We aimed to make a site with simple browsing to sign-up and then access the course material quickly.

The user will find in different sections key information about how the courses work, and what is Lifðu Betur’s purpose. This helps to attract new users to the classes. To access the courses, signing up is required. You will follow short and simple steps to sign up and pay for the 10-week course. Each user will be able to use the material such as audio files, textbooks, and videos available online and in download formats. A unique profile will always be available for the user with its content and other vital information during and after the course. was an exciting project to work on for Avista. We invite you to take a look at the website, and if you know someone close that needs help, don’t hesitate to introduce them to Lifðu Betur. Mental health is important for everyone!

Scope of work


  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Payment Solutions