About the project

The future of Iceland is digital & bright.

Client Sector: Governmental

This year started with a new digital strategy and a new look for, marking the beginning of a digitalized service that answers today’s demands on simple digital solutions. The concept of the new logo, a representation of the relationships between individuals, organizations, and data, combined with the purpose of as an entity, gave us an idea for how the website should look and operate.

The platform works as a self-service website where people are able to look for public processes and governmental entities with a guaranteed fast and clear communication. The browsing intended to be convenient for everyone, including eye-catching buttons, and the application of bright colors to categorize the searching topics.

The creation of this website counted with a group of different teams: Brandenburg Agency was the mind behind the brand design, Jökulá created the foundation guide, and Avista was in charge of web design and programming. Great teamwork!

Scope of work


  • Information Architecture
  • User Flow Mapping
  • Visual Design
  • Responsive Design


  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development