Arnarstapi Center

About the project

You might have heard of Snæfellsnes Peninsula in western Iceland. Arnarstapi is a beautiful village located in this area, and one of the best to stay. Arnarstapi Center offers every type of accommodation for everyone coming to the town. You can choose between staying in the hotel, family houses, apartments, cottages or in the camping site.

We are very excited about the new website we created for Arnarstapi Center. The focus was on showing the different accommodation options using colors and specific information about each one for the customer to compare them quickly, allowing the customer to navigate smoothly and end up booking one of the options for their stay in Arnarstapi.

Scope of work


  • Information Architecture
  • User Flow Mapping
  • Content Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • Responsive Design


  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development